Two intensive weeks with the iconic Ferrari F40

Working on an iconic Ferrari

This iconic Ferrari F40 received a very intense two-week service,  involving paint correction, ceramic coating application, engine and interior detailing. The wheels were removed, the suspension detailed and then the wheels were coated with ceramic. The exterior window trim has been polished to a gloss finish.

Ferrari F40 car detailing hampshire
Ferrari F40 car detailing south UK
Ferrari F40 engine detailing process

The vehicle was been repainted in Germany back in the 2000’s. The F40 body panels are made of carbon and kevlar, therefore on the original factory paintwork, you can see the structure of these materials under a thin layer of stunning Rosso Corsa red paint. The visible wave is very desirable and often a sign of original factory paintwork. Sadly, some of the cars have been re-worked while still on the production line in the factory and even original paint might have less visible structure and might be misjudged as not original. My client wished to improve the existing condition of the already very good paintwork, whilst detailing and protecting all areas.

Ferrari F40 Supercars detailing
Ferrari F40 micheal car detailing
Ferrari F40 exterior car detailing

Selective wet sanding

Some of the areas had visible orange peel and ‘dry’ paint. We used the 3M Trizact system to safely rectify this imperfection and improve the appearance of the paintwork. Huge improvements were made to the air ducts and vents, top of the doors, inside rear spoiler, some parts of the roof and the A-pillars, by levelling the paint. You can see the excellent results here.

Under the hood and other details

The engine has been detailed, the exhaust polished and the heat shields removed. New ‘very high temp’ silver paint was applied. All rubber and plastic parts were protected with high temperature sealant and aerospace composite protectant.

Ferrari F40 engine bay detailing
Ferrari F40 suspension detailing
Ferrari F40 exhaust detailing

The wheels were removed, decontaminated and coated with ceramic coating inside and out. The suspension has been steam cleaned, fully de-greased and new lubricant applied.

Ferrari F40 wheels detailing
Ferrari F40 wheels cleaning
Ferrari F40 wheels ceramic coating

One of the biggest challenges for any detailer working on an F40 is the Lexan side quarter windows and rear window. This is not your average ‘perspex’ acrylic, plastic window. It is polycarbonate material which Lexan is manufacturing in the way that makes it almost impossible to restore to its original clarity. There are ways to greatly improve the condition and appearance but there are limitations to what can be achieved.

Ferrari F40 windows detailing
Ferrari F40 lexan detailing
Ferrari F40 lexan detailing