Winchester-based professional car detailing

the highest quality, specialist car detailing services, customised to your specific requirements

Car Detailing Professionals

In our Winchester based facility we provide range of car detailing and protection options. From new car protection, paint enhancement to comprehensive paint correction and Xpel paint Protection Film to anti corrosion treatments.
We are known for our extensive cosmetic restoration and dry ice cleaning services Konings services are designed to meet the needs of any vehicle. Whether you own a brand-new car in need of ceramic coating or PPF, a pre-owned supercar that needs to look brand new again, or a classic and vintage vehicle requiring gentle, expert care to restore its former elegance, we are here to exceed your expectations.

Our team of professional detailing specialists use top grade materials and techniques to restore your vehicle, ensuring it looks its absolute best. Step into Konings Detailing where your vehicle’s appearance is transformed and preserved

Our clientele spans from the UK and Europe to the Middle East and Asia.


To look its best, each car—whether it’s a Ford or a Ferrari—needs thorough preparation, including decontamination and paint polishing, before it reaches your driveway.


The ultimate protection for your car, now available in black and satin finishes. Also, protect your interior surfaces for that new car look, always.


Dry ice cleaning, a cutting-edge method, gently lifts dirt without abrasion, providing a clean slate for anti-corrosion treatment.


Ceramic paint protection helps to prevent scratches, swirls, and discolouring of the paintwork. It comes with a minimum of 5 years of durability and makes car cleaning easier. Price includes detailing and paint preparation


Top-tier car detailing: rapid few-days service for meticulous cleaning or extended multi-week treatments to perfect paintwork. Ideal for enthusiasts, collectors, investors, or those craving flawless appearances.

Interior Detailing & Leather Restoration

Revive your car’s interior in just one or two days using steam, dry foam, compressed air, and ozone. For more challenging cars, we offer leather restoration service, ideal for classic cars or anyone seeking an alternative to re-upholstering.