Car Ceramic Coating & Protection with Nasiol

Prices from £980.00
includes paint correction and preparation
nasiol car ceramic coating

What is CEramic coating?

Professional-grade ceramic coating is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. Ceramic coat creates a chemical bond with the paint and adds a hydrophobic layer to protect your car from water and other elements. As a result, the original paint remains untouched and protected against harmful UV rays. Ceramic Coating is an alternative to waxing, but it lasts much longer. The durability is measured in years rather than weeks. The main idea is to prevent dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing on your paintwork and ruining the clear coat.

We use the best products from Nasiol Nano Ceramic coatings, applied by hand to bring the best protection for your car paint, preventing stains, scratches and making your regular car washes much easier and faster.

benefits of ceramic protection

Protection from harmful UV rays

It prevents oxidisation, fading and paint looking dull.

Hydrophobic Properties

Water stays off the car and it’s easier to clean it every time.

Ultimate finish & Gloss

It keeps the car glossy and boosts colour richness.

Protection from Chemical Stains

Prevents stains and damages caused by acidic pollution.

Ceramic coating application process

After the paint work is sufficiently prepared, the Nasiol products cn be applied. The products are applied by hand and it takes up to 48 hours to apply and cure to ensure a solid bond with the paint underneath. It’s not a quick process, but the results are stunning and worth the cost and time to save on future maintenance and potential damages that you can prevent by using a ceramic coat on your car.

happy customers

Maintenance is effortless and you can achieve a deep gloss every time you wash your car, which also stays cleaner for longer. That’s why!

car ceramic coating

“Mike has done an excellent job of detailing and ceramic coating on my car. The work has fully lived up to my expectations with the car looking great and staying cleaner for longer and is easily restored to an amazing finish with only a simple wash. No more polishing required!”

Andy McKnight, Polestar 2

Car Ceramic Protection

*Wheels Ceramic – enhance durability, resist brake dust buildup, and facilitate easier cleaning.
**Glass Protection – increases scratch resistance, repel water, and enhance durability.

nano ceramic coatings nasiol

About nasiol ceramic

Nasiol is the leading manufacturer of protective nano-coating materials in Europe. Their high-quality technology means economy in the consumption of raw materials and leads to less environmental impact while increasing performance. In addition, it provides easy cleaning, hydrophobicity, and protection on all kinds of surfaces developed with ultra-thin SiO2-based nano-coatings.

Nasiol is the premier hydrophobic nano-coating products manufacturer, Vertrieb nanotechnologies, and pioneer Europe and worldwide. The continuous development of nanotechnology for home and industrial use, accessible and practical, only the very best and setting world-class industry standards in nano-coatings and protection.