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“We thought the car was almost immaculate until Könings Detailing started to apply their skills to the car. The results were staggering and only once witnessed could the transformation be believed. Polite, efficient and top quality.”

Doug Hill, Manager – Beaulieu Motor Museum

car detailing testimonial Beaulieu

Valentina W.

I am blessed with people who are brilliant at what they do. Because they do what they love and love what they do. The biggest gratitude to Michael for ceramic coating for my Lotus girl. No compromise on quality, just the way I love. Ready for any weather.

Lotus Evora 400 Hethel Edition

Andrew D.

Konings detailing done a stunning job with my F80 M3, it really is the best it has ever looked. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and thorough with his work, I would highly recommend konings detailing.

BMW M3 F80

“You could eat your dinner off the engine compartment or even the suspension, let alone the interior and bodywork! The car is absolutely amazing inside and out and the chrome wire wheels are positively spectacular. I think he might have added as much as £10,000 to the sale price. Otherwise, he has detailed my own personal car, with which I am also delighted – it attracts comments wherever it goes. Highly recommended!

Ian Hunter, The Motor Garage

Ferrari detaling testimonial


I just wanted to tell what an amazing job Mike have done! The car is absolutely beautiful, and looks brand new. I will be showing everyone.

Range Rover Sport

Paul B.

Fantastic service from Mike. Car was in better condition after the new paint protection service than when I picked it up from the dealer! He clearly takes a lot of pride in his work. Cannot recommend enough.

BMW 440

Mark K.

I met Mike at Konings Detailing and discussed my car and the work I would like done. When we looked at my car (R129 ‘95 SL500) he was very knowledgeable and professional. It gave me full confidence to entrust such an expert to bring the old car back to life. The work on the leather was exceptional and the seats look like they have been replaced and almost brand new! When I bought the car I knew the seated needed to be reconditioned/repaired and had no idea they could look that good again. I also agreed for him to do a paint rejuvenate detailing + polymer wax, the result was equally as brilliant. I couldn’t be happier with the result, the time, care and attention Mike took on my car. It looks fantastic, thank you very much. I will use Konings Detailing again for sure on other cars and would thoroughly recommend them.

Mercedes SL 500

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