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Bespoke Car detailing services

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 With our expertise, we offer three levels of advanced paint correction services: Showroom, Factory, and Concourse.

Additionally, we provide entry-level detailing, perfect for annual maintenance or vehicles that have previously undergone advanced detailing, paint correction, ceramic coating, or PPF. Our service aims to restore your car to its initial treatment glory. In four steps, we bring your vehicle back to life. Experience the art of professional car detailing and revitalize your vehicle with our bespoke services, starting at just £480. 

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Step 1: Inspection and prep

We start with paint inspection, pre-clean rinse and decontamination of the paint and wheels, removing metal particles, tar, bugs, adhesives, and grease.

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Step 2: Wash & Dry

The next step is a  multi-stage wash using professional detergents, hot water, and steam. We go the extra mile by removing the wheels as standard and giving them a deep clean including the barrels, arch trim, brake calipers, and visible ancillaries, which are thoroughly cleaned.

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Step 3: Deep clean

At this stage, depending on whether this is a maintenance service for existing customers, we provide a thorough inspection and servicing of the coating or proceed to prepare the paint further. Using a combination of clay bar and solvent-based cleaners, we ensure that the paint is properly prepared before moving on to machine polishing.

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Step 4: Finishing Touches

Special detailed attention is given to door shuts, hinges, plastic and rubber trim, badges, and decals, including restoration as necessary and possible.

Looking for more advanced service?

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Our exterior advanced services aren’t just about giving your car a superior gleam; it’s about giving you a superior driving experience and turning heads wherever you go. If your car could thank you, it definitely would.

Each service comes with ceramic coating offering minimum 5-year protection.

Prices from £1,390.00


Our Showroom Service offers a fundamental level of paint enhancement that will satisfy and impress most clients. It represents a significant improvement over the standard finish observed on new cars from dealerships. This service is ideal for vehicles in daily use, where the goal is a visually flawless appearance under natural lighting. Any imperfections are undetectable from a step back, making this level a practical choice for those seeking a noticeable upgrade without the need for an intensive detailing process.


Step up from the “Showroom” service, our “Factory” Service caters to clients who demand more than just a flawless look under natural light. This service level is suited for cars that aren’t daily drivers, requiring extensive multi-stage machine polishing to achieve a paint finish that appears immaculate under display lighting. It’s particularly popular among our museum clients and collectors.With about three times the polishing effort compared to the Showroom Service, Factory Service ensures a superior finish, perfect for showcasing vehicles in a collection or exhibition.

Prices from £2,480.00

Price on application


At the pinnacle of our offerings is the Concourse Service, a testament to ultimate perfection in automotive paint finishing. This level is for the discerning client who seeks nothing less than the best, typically reserved for high-value cars prepared for sale or showcase. With my background in OEM paint correction for prestigious brands like McLaren and Rolls Royce, I bring over 15 years of expertise to this service. The Concourse standard is about achieving near-total perfection, with 99% paint correction visible only under close inspection with specialized lighting. This level involves an extensive and meticulous process, up to 3 times more polishing hours than the Showroom Service, catering to those who understand and appreciate the immense effort required for such exceptional results. Whether for a display or as a crowning jewel of a collection, our Concourse Service embodies the zenith of automotive paint craftsmanship.

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10 out of 10 for recent detailing work carried out by Mike and team at Konings in Winchester on my 911 GTS. Full decontamination paint correction ceramic costing and ppf

Jonathan Edgoose, Porsche 911 GTS

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