Könings Detailing company and the team behind it

The driving force behind Könings Detailing is Michael Laskowski, without doubt, one of the most experienced detailers and car paint specialists in the industry.

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The Könings story

After 15 years serving the high-end car industry, working very long days and often away from home, Mike decided to step away from manufacturing and moved to Winchester, where he now lives with his wife and dog.

In 2018, Mike established Könings Detailing to bring his wealth of acquired knowledge and experience to a discerning wider audience. What Mike doesn’t know about the painting process – from unprepared parts through preparation, priming, painting, polishing and protecting – isn’t worth knowing! Mike’s unique skills and superb craftsmanship mean that he is becoming increasingly sought after for a wide range of detailing services.

In 2020, Könings Detailing moved to a new, prestigious and secure location outside Winchester, where the business continues to go from strength to strength as our team grows year by year.

Our team is also working hard on Könings Detailing’s research programme, developing the latest and most advanced paint cosmetics and products for the prestigious automotive market.

A Team Of Professionals

Michael Laskowski, Konings Detailing

Michael Laskowski

Founding & Detailing Specialist

The driving force behind Könings Detailing is Michael Laskowski. Michael gained his experience working with some of the biggest names in the industry, beginning his career at Jaguar Land Rover, later joining McLaren and rising to become a top specialist in their paint department. His next move to Rolls-Royce saw him supporting the launch of two new models before he decided on a different path to bring his wealth of acquired knowledge and experience to a discerning wider audience by creating Könings Detailing.

Michael’s in-depth understanding of paint from preparation, priming, painting and polishing coupled with his expertise with interior trim, leather and fabric mean you are guaranteed the very highest quality of service and exceptional results.

“I absolutely loved working in the automotive industry, however, I felt like I had missed a few years of my life at that time because commuting and long hours and periods away from home were becoming more difficult to balance. Thanks to the immense experience I’ve gained working with the best in the industry, I knew I could offer to my potential customers a great car detailing experience. That is when I decided to set up my own business. I am developing my customer base in and around Winchester and want to build relationships with local car owners, event organisers and collectors.”

Michael Laskowski – Konings Detailing


Detailing Specialist

Simon joined the company about a year ago, and since then, he’s been working as a detailer, making his way through to become an expert. His involvement is crucial to our company success on every stage, from initial wash to polishing, detailing, and ceramic coating applications ending. His incredible attention to detail and push for quality goes perfectly with Könings philosophy. Couple that with a passion for cars and making things look the best they can be, he compliments and enhances the skills of the Könings team and the services we offer.

Highest quality, professional car detailing with meticulous attention to detail

What drives us forward?


We love what we do, and there is nothing more beautiful than flawless paintwork.

Attention to details

We are obsessed with details, and at the same time, we are proud of it.

joy and pride

We understand that your car is more than just a means of transportation.

Increased value

We are proud our work is increasing the value of your car. It’s a fact.



We support our customers and other professionals within the automotive industry.