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The Benefits of Paint Protection Film for your Vehicle

Yet, even with the most meticulous care, your vehicle's exterior is constantly at risk of scratches, chips, and stains - the inevitable side effects of regular use and exposure to the elements.But...
Classic Mercedes SL300 after full body restoration

Classic Mercedes SL300 after full body restoration

This vehicle was sourced by one of my clients in Germany a few years ago. The car has been fully restored in Germany by Kinle, one of the finest Mercedes car restorers in the world. The restoration process took several years and the car finally arrived to me for final paint detailing prior to a full Xpel custom PPF application. I was also asked to protect the interior leather and all fabrics with relevant coatings and sealants.

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We use different types of materials, coating and techniques, enabling you to keep your vehicle in showroom condition all year round. But the most important element is the experience, knowledge and skill of the craftsman who carries out our processes: Michael Laskowski will skilfully restore, enhance and protect all kinds of high-end sport and classic vehicles to the highest level.