Classic Mercedes SL300 after full body restoration

Post-restoration inspection of a classic car

This vehicle was sourced by one of my clients in Germany a  few years ago. The car has been fully restored in Germany by Kinle, one of the finest Mercedes car restorers in the world. The restoration process took several years and the car finally arrived to me for final paint detailing prior to a full Xpel custom PPF application. I was also asked to protect the interior leather and all fabrics with relevant coatings and sealants.

mercedes 300sl detailing inpsection
mercedes 300sl detailing preperation
mercedes 300sl before after

During pre detailing inspection, I noticed that one of the front wing finishers hadn’t been polished after painting, with visible orange peel compared to the other side. This was addressed first and I levelled the paint using the 3M Trizact system. The system uses different grades of wet sanding discs attached to a dual action sander. This guarantees great results, removing the least amount of material such as paint and lacquer.

Other imperfections were visible under an inspection light, such as ‘body shop’ marks, swirls and some small scratches.

Detailing the car

During one week, the paint has been polished and all residue removed using isopropyl alcohol to promote the adhesion of the protection film. The interior has been gently cleaned and protective coating applied to the leather and fabric. The exterior chrome has been cleaned and metal sealant applied. Unfortunately, the exhaust finisher had small hairline scratches so it has been removed and sent away for chrome re-plating.

mercedes 300sl interior detailing
mercedes 300sl interior cleaning
mercedes 300sl engine detailing
mercedes 300sl interior detailing
mercedes 300sl detaling cleaning
mercedes 300sl car detailing-restoration
mercedes 300sl classsic car-ceramic-coating
mercedes 300sl finished exterior