Ferrari F12 TDF – 5 days intensive detailing work

Preparation for sale

The vehicle came to me for pre-sale detailing, PPF decontamination and ceramic coating application. The detailing process took 5 days, including allowing 48 hours for the ceramic coating curing. The results were great and I was surprised and delighted to receive the customer’s feedback: they were so pleased with the results, they decided to cancel the sale and keep the car!

Ferrari F12 TDF detailing supercars
Ferrari F12 TDF detailing paint
Ferrari F12 TDF supercar detailing
Ferrari F12 TDF carbon detailing results
Ferrari F12 TDF Wheels detailing

Process and products…

The vehicle received bespoke detailing, starting with a gentle steam clean of the exterior. It is important to remove the wheels to get the best access to inspect and detail suspension and areas under the wheel arches. After one day of exterior detailing, the car received decontamination of paint protection film and ceramic coating application. The wheels and calipers where ceramic coated and the exhaust finisher pipes polished. The exterior glass has been coated with super hydrophobic nano coating with two years’ durability. The interior also received dry interior maintenance detailing.

Ferrari F12 TDF engine detailing cleaning
Ferrari F12 TDF Micheal detailing supercars
Ferrari F12 TDF exhaust cleaning
Ferrari F12 TDF wheels brakes

Preparation is the most important step

Paint Protection Film had been applied a couple of years ago and had signs of micro contamination (very small ‘dots’ on film surface), visible under inspection light using magnified glass. To clean and prepare the film for ceramic coating, used a cleaning compound designed for ‘polishing’ urethane, polyurethane, acrylic and some other materials which PPF is made of.  An application of ceramic coating NL272 to this Ferarri F12 TDF made this stunning Rossa Corso paint even deeper and glossier. It’s also super silky in touch!

Pre ceramic surface decontamination is very important step. A ceramic coating can be applied to all painted and lacquered surfaces, hard plastics and composites.
No matter what surface you’re applying ceramic coating to, pre coating application preparation is the most important step.

Ferrari F12 TDF paint detailing
Ferrari F12 TDF hypercars detailing
Ferrari F12 TDF paint decontamination
Ferrari F12 TDF paint  protection

Work doesn’t just happen on the surface

The suspension and under the wheel arches was gently degreased, detailed and new lubricants and hydrophobic sealant applied to enhance protection and preserve all the parts in ‘like new’ condition.


Ferrari F12 TDF detailing
Ferrari F12 TDF wheel arches
Ferrari F12 TDF wheels