Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale racing car

Same client, another car

This was third vehicle from my client’s car collection, once again, a red Ferrari.
It was great to work on this rather interesting project.  This particular, almost 20-year old example received extensive detailing with focus on the engine, engine bay and suspension parts. The exterior of the car had been protected with Paint Protection Film a good few years back and the film needed extensive decontamination. The engine detailing was very time-consuming due to poor accessibility. After two long days, the engine had been degreased, the carbon and metal parts polished and protected with ceramic coating. Have a look at the pictures and see the results after 6 long days’ detailing.

The car was once again finished with Nasiol NL272 ceramic coating.

Ferrari 360 full body detailing
Ferrari 360 car detailing
Ferrari 360 detailing ceramic coating
Ferrari 360 supercar detailing
Ferrari 360 wheels detailing
Ferrari 360 engine detailing
Ferrari 360 engine detailing

Before and After