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Keep your car in showroom condition by utilising our highest-quality mobile studio detailing services. Here at Könings Detailing Ltd, Winchester, Hampshire, we offer a range of bespoke car detailing, leather restortion and paint correction services, enabling you to keep your vehicle looking fantastic all year round.

Maintenance Exterior Clean  From: £99

Every wash carried out by Konings Detailing consists of an in-depth hand wash, using steam cleaner powered by Lamborghini or purified water. We only work with the best and most advanced products and techniques available. Your car will be cleaned and dried, with all excess water removed using high-pressure air. All door shuts, wheel arches, wheels, tyres, and glass is cleaned, and we’ll remove insects, tar, and other contaminants from your lower body panels. This exterior clean is finished with a gloss enhancer and is waxed for protection and a high-gloss finish.

Maintenance Interior Clean and Detailing From: £99

All interior maintenance cleans are comprehensive and consist of upholstery, leather, trims, glass, and headliner dry cleaning solutions. The interior cleaning ensures that all leather, carpets, wood, vinyl, and plastic are cleaned and conditioned. All surfaces will be protected with professional sealants.

Paint Detailing From: £590    1-2 days

Paintwork only focused service designed for any car from new to very old, especially for those vehicles that had paint corrections before, our paint detailing service refreshes the appearance of paintwork and produces amazing shine and colour depth. What’s more, it removes scratches and swirl marks and protects from 7 months to 7 years. This service is ideal for classic and vintage cars. This great service is a cost-effective way of returning your vehicle back to life or protecting new vehicle for 12 - 60 months. Our detailing service will give you a glimpse of what can be done with paintwork and will demonstrate our ability and skill level. You are also able to upgrade to a ceramic coating, partial or full paint correction. 

Paint Correction From: £950   3-10 days 

Our paint correction is for serious car enthusiast and investors or anyone looking for the outstanding appearance of paint. Services involve polishing processes and, in some cases(on client request), sanding, to remove all imperfections from the paintwork. Paint correction can be an excellent alternative to re-spraying and with it we can remove up to 100% of paint defects, leaving a piano-like finish without orange peel. Sadly, due to new manufacturing processes and the cutting of production time, we do see orange peel more often, even on the most expensive cars. Orange peel is the name given to a slightly rippled effect on paintwork, similar to that found on an orange. Very few Detailers have necessary skills to remove orange peel. Utilising our access to the best products and techniques, we’re able to take paint in any condition to a whole new level, without compromising the paint’s thickness.

Paint Protection and PPF £POA

Paint protection has been around longer than cars have existed. Wax was first developed in the 1800s in a town called Bischofsheim and was made out of animal fats. It was used to protect the lacquer-like paint that was applied to horse carriages. Today, we have natural waxes, synthetic waxes, polymer sealants, and innovative glass and spray coatings. The newest form of paint protection is glass coatings, which can also be referred to as ceramic or nanocoatings. Paint Protection Film virtually eliminates the risk of stone chips, scratches, and paint damage to your car, while helping to retain its residual value. Made from optically clear, extremely tough urethane film, a digitally designed template will be custom-made for your vehicle, adding protection to your bumpers, headlights, wings, wing mirrors, and bonnet.

Events, Auctions, and Competitions £POA

Könings Detailing Ltd can support you before and during any events. We’re able to adjust our service to make sure that you get all the results you need. Depending on the event, we can offer a range of techniques and products to achieve the best finish in absolutely any weather condition, place, or lighting. We can organise photo sessions and write reports on the paint condition, be it for personal use or as communications in response to a request from the vehicle manufacturer or body shop.

Leather Restoration £POA

Here at Könings Detailing Ltd, we have all the necessary skills, tools, and materials to clean, condition, and restore colour to your leather. We can repair cracks, scuffs, holes, burns, and sun-faded leather. Plus, we can apply permanent gloss, matte, semi-matte, or satin UV protection sealant to your leather.

Other Services

Our other optional services include:

Other Services

  • Headlight Restoration from: POA

  • Engine Bay Deep Clean from: POA

  • PPF Installation POA

  • Glass Polishing POA

  • Contracted Car Detailing Services

  • Personal Detailing

  • Detailing Training

  • Leather Repair and Restoration POA

  • Show Preparation and Support POA

  • Contracted Services

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