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Our paint correction services are for serious car enthusiasts, investors, and anyone looking for an outstanding appearance. Based in  Winchester, Hampshire, the services available at Könings Detailing Ltd include car polishing and, in some cases, wet sanding to remove all imperfections from the paintwork. Paint correction can be an excellent alternative to re-spraying, and with it we can remove up to 100% of paint defects, leaving a piano-like finish without orange peel.

Every Vehicle Receives

Every Vehicle Receives

  • Pre-Wash, Using Active Foam and Non-Caustic Range of Degreasers

  • Multi-Stage Exterior Wash and Steam Clean Using Steam Generators Powered by Lamborghini Engine

  • Wheels and Body Cleaned Using Non-Acidic, Citrus-Based Gentle Cleaner and Shampoo Using Lambskin

  • Body Decontaminated Using the Most Advanced, Safest Body Solvent, Freeing It of:

Every Vehicle Receives 2

  • Tar

  • Honeydew

  • Brake Dust

  • Industrial Fallouts

  • Other Contaminants

Every Vehicle Receives 3

  • Paintwork Treated with Additional Clay Bar to Remove Contaminants Bonded to the Surface

  • After a deep clean and decontamination, the vehicle will be inspected using different lighting. Paint thicknesses are measured and according to service level, the best approach established.

Paint Correction and Detailing

Level 1

Paint Correction and Detailing Level 1

  • Enhancement Paint Detail

  • Correction Factor: <90% 7-12h From £ 590

  • 1-2 Stage Polish to Restore Colour Depth, Gloss, and to Remove up to 90% of Imperfections, Small Scratches, Swirl Marks, and Holograms

  • All Metal, Composite, and Plastic Parts Are Cleaned or Reconditioned and Treated for Extra Protection

  • Achieved Result Is Protected with Natural Wax, Polymer Sealant, or Ceramic Coating

  • Colour Depth and Gloss Restored

  • Increased Resale Value of the Vehicle

  • Finished Result Is Sealed for Long-Lasting Protection

Level 2

Paint Correction and Detailing Level 2

  • Paint Correction and Interior Detail

  • Correction Factor: <95% 16-40+ h POA

  • Multi-Stage Polishing Process Using Abrasive Compounds, Polishing Pastes, and Gels

  • Metal, Composite, and Plastic Part Are Restored to Original Condition

  • Achieved Result Is Protected with Natural Wax, Polymer Sealant, or Ceramic Coating

  • Interior Is Dry Cleaned or Deep Steam Cleaned and Shampooed to Restore Scent of New Car

  • Leather Cleaned and Conditioned to Achieve New Leather Appearance

Paint Correction and Detailing Level 2 - 2

  • Desired Finish Applied Satin, Matte, or Gloss

Level 3

Paint Correction and Detailing Level 3

  • Könings Signature Full Detail

  • Correction Factor: <100% 24 - 60+ h POA

  • Vehicle Will Receive Full Orange Peel Removal Procedure and Multi-Stage Compounding and Polishing Process

  • Wheels Are Polished and Protected with Ceramic Coating

  • Full Ceramic Coating Protection or Multi-Layered Wax

  • Interior and Seat Belts Deep Cleaned Using Combination of Steam and Shampoo

  • Leather Is Cleaned and Reconditioned with Natural Balm and Protected with Leather Sealant

  • Air Vents Sterilised with Lamborghini-Powered Steam Generator

  • Respray Alternative

  • Dramatically Increases Value of the Car

  • Most Advanced Service Ideal for International Show and Exhibitions

  • Designed for Individuals Who Want More Than Perfect Finish

  • Paintwork Appearance Beyond Showroom Condition

For further information on our car polishing and wet sanding services, call us, in Winchester, Hampshire.