Könings Detailing Ltd

The Attention Is in the Detail

Our Story

Here at Könings Detailing Ltd, we are a family-owned and –operated vehicle detailing and paint protection company. The concept of Könings Detailing Ltd was born from our passion for cars, and our results are truly awe-inspiring. We aim to continuously exceed industry standards and having been in a competitive corporate environment for many years, we’re prepared to work long hours and go the extra mile so that you’re satisfied with our work.

Our Owner and Detailer Michael

Michael is a well-known figure in the automotive industry, having worked for some of the biggest names, including Rolls-Royce, McLaren, and JLR. For 7 years he worked exclusively for McLaren, where he worked on cars, trained and mentored new employees, and helped to refine processes. Every car that McLaren launched at the Geneva Motor Show was one that Michael had worked on. Behind the closed doors of super factories, he worked with the latest materials and tools, long before they were available to buy on the market. 

Michael gained a vast amount of experience and understanding in using different paints, lacquers, coatings, compounds, and techniques. He was considered by many as the most skilled and knowledgeable detailer at McLaren, and was known as “Magic Mike”. No one has polished more McLarens than Mike; if you own a McLaren, Mike is the person to see. 

After a long time of serving the manufacturing industry, working 16-hour days and long periods away from his wife, he decided to step away from manufacturing and move to Winchester, where he lives with his wife and dog. Mike is involved with Könings Detailing Ltd’s research, developing the latest and most advanced paint cosmetics and products, which will be available soon.

Michael’s Background

With experience spanning almost 15 years, Michael has worked with some of the leading brands in the industry, including Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Jaguar, and Land Rover. Over this period, Mike has detailed and polished 5000 cars to date, each with impeccable results. Before fully immersing himself into automotive painting and detailing, Mike had a stint in manufacturing with Rolls-Royce, where he supported the launch of the new models, Dawn and Phantom. He opted to move away from manufacturing, due to the long working hours and largely because it kept him away from his dear wife. 

For 5 years, Mike worked exclusively for the McLaren brand, and contributed immensely to the high-quality paint finishes on vehicles released on the market. At McLaren, Mike was the most skilled detailer. Actually, if you bought a McLaren vehicle between 2012 and 2017, then Mike will have worked on it. Wherever he has worked, Mike has contributed heavily to training and mentoring new employees. 

Michael’s experience has equipped him with an in-depth knowledge of the paint process, from unprepared parts through to preparation, priming, painting, polishing, and protecting. If you own a McLaren vehicle, you can trust Mike to provide the best finish possible. His experience working with the brand, coupled with his research interests, means that you are guaranteed the very highest quality of service. You are guaranteed that after he has carried out his paint correction services, your car will be restored to beyond showroom condition.

Get in touch with us, in Winchester,   Hampshire, to discuss your car detailing needs with our expert team.