Professional car detailing in Winchester

Experience is everything

Könings Detailing provides the highest quality, specialist car detailing services, customised to your specific requirements

Car Detailing Professionals

We use different materials, coatings, and techniques, enabling you to keep your vehicle in showroom condition all year round. But the most important element is the experience, knowledge and skill of the craftsman who carries out our processes. Konings Team will skillfully restore, enhance and protect all kinds of high-end sport and classic vehicles to the highest level.

Exterior Detailing

car exterior detailing

Exterior detailing from £599 + vat

A one-day service involving meticulous cleaning, decontaminating and protection of paintwork, wheels and exterior glass.

paint enhancement cars

Paint Enhancement Detailing from £699 + vat

A cost-effective service that typically takes two – six days, designed to bring your paintwork back to showroom condition.

car detailing services

Paint Correction from £1890 + vat

Five days to several weeks long service involving multistage polishing processes to remove all paintwork imperfections. Ideal for car enthusiasts, collectors, investors or anyone looking for an outstanding appearance and quality of paintwork.

car ceramic protection coating

Nasiol Ceramic nano-Coating £490 + vat

Ceramic paint protection helps to prevent scratches, swirl and discolouring of the paintwork. It comes with 3- or 5-years durability and makes car cleaning easier.

paint protection film

Xpel Paint Protection Film from £599 + vat

Paint protection film (PPF) is a 2 – 10 day service applied to painted surfaces to protect the paintwork from stone chips, bug splatters and minor abrasions.

maintenance car detailing

Maintenance Detailing

A cost-effective, one-day service to maintain the car’s condition at its optimum level, all year round.

For existing customers only

Interior Detailing

car interior detailing

Interior detailing from £390 + vat

Typically, this is a one or two day intensive interior cleaning service, using steam, dry foam, compressed air and an ozone generator to disinfect and deodorise the interior, restoring the original appearance of plastics, leather and carpets.

car leather restoration

Leather Restoration

Typically, this service takes 7- 21 days to complete. Our leather restoration service is ideal for any car with signs of wear and tear to leather upholstery, classic cars with old, worn leather or anyone looking for an alternative to re-trimming and re-upholstering.

Specialist Services

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Show and concourse preparation POA
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