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Michael Laskowski is the driving force behind Könings Detailing and has worked with some of the biggest names in the motor industry, Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and McLaren where he spent 10 years as a paint specialist. Michael’s in-depth understanding of the paint process from bare metal to preparation, priming and painting plus his expertise with lacquers and coatings means in an industry where there are few regulations and little formal training, trusting your vehicle to Könings Detailing you are assured the highest quality service, outstanding attention to detail and exceptional results.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

xpel paint protection film hampshire

Xpel Ultimate Plus is a micro thin, self-healing film that will protect your vehicle’s paint from damage and help maximise its resale value. Ultimate Plus is virtually invisible, gives a high gloss finish, resists UV, protects against chips and comes with a manufacturer backed 10 year warranty.

Paint Enhancement & Correction

Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating

Whatever you want to achieve with your vehicle, multistage machine polishing will restore colour depth and gloss, rectify scratches, swirls and other surface imperfections bringing it back to showroom condition and to the perfect state for adding a ceramic coating or paint protection film.

Ceramic Coating

Könings Detailing recommend Nasiol ceramic coatings, these bond with your paintwork to give a high gloss shine, protection against minor abrasion, dirt, bird droppings and UV exposure. They also significantly ease routine cleaning by removing the need for additional products like waxes, so a simple wash is all that is required to restore the look of the vehicle.

“We thought the car was almost immaculate until Könings Detailing started to apply their skills to the car. The results were staggering and only once witnessed could the transformation be believed. Polite, efficient and top quality.”

Doug Hill, Manager – Beaulieu Motor Museum


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