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Become An Accredited Nasiol Professional

Why should you become a Nasiol Professional?

Konings has partnered with Nasiol to offer an accredited training course on their key surface protection range, discounted pricing on future purchases and access to the full Nasiol product collection in the UK.

Use the best products

Nasiol is known for exceptional quality, and you can offer it to your clients with a 5-years warranty. They will love it!

Discounts for Nasiol products

We offer Nasiol Professionals discounts and free next-day delivery in the UK.

Learn from the best

We are the only Nasiol Accreditation Centre in the UK, and we use their products every day.

“I rate the accreditation training as very professional. Theory as well as practice which were taught by Mike allowed me to familiarise myself with every product I use successfully everyday in my company. Mike is a perfect leader of the course.”

Maciej Lipinski , CCC Detailing


1-1 Training

The course is hosted by Michael Laskowski, whose career with Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, and years of real-world experience as a premium detailer and Nasiol Expert, means he can help you maximise the benefits of working with Nasiol products and their range of nano-coatings.

In our dedicated 1-1 Format, the typical day starts at 10 AM, finishes by 3.30 PM with a break for lunch. It’s a mixture of theoretical learning and hands-on workshops with products on a car. The day’s primary focus is to explain and practice Nasiol products application; How to do it safely and efficiently to deliver the best quality ceramic coating. We will also introduce you to the surface protection products plus give you a background understanding of the rest of the Nasiol range.

You will receive Nasiol products worth over £500 with your certificate, promotional items, ongoing support, discounted prices and free shipping on future purchases, plus access to the full Nasiol product range.

Your pack will include:

  • NL271 x1
  • ZR53 x1
  • GlasShield x1
  • Metalcoat F2 x1
  • CabinCare x1
  • Nasiol Banner
  • Nasiol Illuminated Logo

TEAM Training

To provide the best learning experience, we provide Company Training option to book more than one person from the same organisation and make it more cost-efficient. Each participant will receive a certificate, a welcome pack and a full opportunity to learn how to use and apply Nasiol product range.

If you are interested to send more than one person for our Nasiol Accreditation Training, you can let us know in the booking form. Please note that we have a limit of three persons per training and they all have to be a part of the same organisation.

Professional Automotive Detailing Training

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About nasiol products

Nano hydrophobic coatings are used to protect glass, ceramic, painted, metal, fabric, wood and mineral surfaces with giving oleophobic, water-stain repellent and superhydrophobic features.

Nasiol is the premier nano-coating manufacturer and pioneer, and their services and expertise spread in Europe and worldwide. Their continuous development of nanotechnology for home and industrial use is accessible and practical, only the very best and sets world-class industry standards in nano-coatings.