Car interior detailing


Interior detailing

Our service is designed to deep clean, disinfect and deodorise your car’s interior. The intense interior cleaning uses steam, dry foam, compressed air and an ozone generator. Our interior detailing service will restore the original appearance of plastics, leather and all fabrics (including carpet). It is finished by applying protective coatings and sealants to all surfaces.

The typical process includes

  • Visual inspection
  • Seats removal on customer request.
  • Interior vacuumed using a variety of brushes supported with compressed air
  • Interior fabric gently cleaned using dry foam and steam, then the residue is extracted with fabric spot cleaner
  • Leather is deep-cleaned and leather protection applied
  • All plastic parts are cleaned and protected
  • Glass is hand polished inside and out
  • Interior is treated with deodorising and sanitising ozone treatment to remove any bacteria viruses and virtually any odour
  • Carpets cleaned and conditioned
  • All trims treated and protected
  • Glass polished and sealed

Ideal for


Classic cars

Used cars with fabric or leather interior with evidence of previous outside storage or neglect

Any pre-sale vehicle – this service will bring most interiors back to showroom condition

Cars with any noticeably unpleasant smell

Leather Restoration

We can repair cracks, scuffs, holes, burns and sun-faded leather on steering wheels and leather seats. New dye is applied, bringing leather colour and finish back to new. The leather will then be covered in permanent gloss, matte, semi-matte or satin UV protection sealant. We use high quality products and pigments used by Rolls Royce, McLaren, Honda, Jaguar and the Royal Air Force.

The benefits of leather restoration include a new, fresh look and a softer touch to your leather upholstery. It will also increase your car’s value, making it more presentable and attractive to buy.

How long does it last?

The leather restoration will last as long as the original ‘new leather’ finish. If you don’t look after the leather in a brand new car, it will show signs of wear and tear after a few thousand miles, however if you’re careful, it will look great after ten years. Very rarely a car manufacturer offer warranties for colour fading, scratching or cracking because there are simply too many factors influencing the longevity of leather.

At Könings Detailing, we will warranty our  work for a minimum one year against any fading, cracking or peeling.

The typical process includes

  • Leather deep clean
  • Removing old damaged coating (colour)
  • Degreasing exposed leather fibres
  • Nourishing exposed leather to soften exposed fibres
  • Degreasing leather
  • Repairing scuffs, scratches or holes
  • Reapplying leather dye
  • Applying leather finish (satin, gloss or matte)
  • Applying UV sealant
  • Applying leather cream after seven days
  • Regular maintenance (gentle cleaning with any leather cleaner or warm water and soap)

Why Könings Detailing

Our happy customers are the best reason why you should bring your car to Könings Detailing

“Mike is one of those rare people who has a meticulous attention to detail.
My seats were in a very bad way, being cream leather they showed up the dirt and scuffing. But mike has transformed them into as new.
would definitely recommend that you use him, and for a few hundred pounds I am sure he has put double that onto the value of the car.

Here are some before and after, not difficult to see which is which”

Kevin Stansfield , BMW Z4

Interior detailing and leather restoration quote