Ferrari 599 GTO Maintenance

A regular annual maintenance visit

This is the second car that I’ve detailed for my new client. Once again, this was bespoke maintenance detailing with PPF decontamination and Nasiol NL272 ceramic coating application.

Ferrari 599 maintenance detailing
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Ferrari 599 exhaust detailing
Ferrari 599 wheels brakes detailing
Ferrari 599 cars detailing
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Ferrari 599 maintenance detailing

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We use different types of materials, coating and techniques, enabling you to keep your vehicle in showroom condition all year round. But the most important element is the experience, knowledge and skill of the craftsman who carries out our processes: Michael Laskowski will skilfully restore, enhance and protect all kinds of high-end sport and classic vehicles to the highest level.


Process description

Day 1: Exterior detailing with wheels removed. Suspension parts detailing and hydrophobic coating application for extra protection. This extensive maintenance detailing is a great way to keep your car in ‘like new’ condition. Most of my clients have this service at either 6 or 12 month intervals.

Day 2: I focused on pre coating surface preparation and coating application. The Nasiol NL272 coating curing time is 48 hours. Some other coatings curing time can be accelerated using infra red heat lamps. Nasiol NL272 is dried by air so the curing time is longer but the coating seems to be a lot more durable using this technology. Along with the paint work, the wheels and callipers were also treated with the same coating NL272.