Car Exterior Detailing

Keep your car like new for longer

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Our Premium Exterior Car Detailing Service

Our signature service serves more than a simple wash; it breathes life back into your car. An intense day of fine-tuning your vehicle’s appearance – the paintwork, wheels, exterior glass – no stone is left unturned!

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car exterior detailing

Step 1: Car Preparation Like Never Before

We kick things off with a thorough inspection, followed by a pre-wash utilizing active foam and non-caustic degreasers. Your wheels are removed, cleaned, and treated with a hydrophobic sealant, while exposed suspension parts are steam cleaned.

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Step 2: Complete Decontamination

Next, our experts remove all stubborn grime – tar, honeydew, brake dust, even industrial fallout – leaving your car’s exterior gloriously uncontaminated.

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Step 3: Finishing Touches for stunning look

The final stage involves a comprehensive drying, swirl mark removal, and the application of a high-quality wax or paint sealant. Wheels are protected with an advanced sealant, windows are polished, and trim treated. Stunning finish guaranteed!

Our customers are happy

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“Mike has done an excellent job of detailing and ceramic coating on my car. The work has fully lived up to my expectations with the car looking great and staying cleaner for longer and is easily restored to an amazing finish with only a simple wash. No more polishing required!”

Andy McKnight, Polestar 2

Upgrade to Enchanced detailing
or paint correction

Our exterior detailing service isn’t just about giving your car a superior gleam; it’s about giving you a superior driving experience and turning heads wherever you go. If your car could thank you, it definitely would.

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Experience Excellence with Paint Enhancement Detailing

Elevate your vehicle’s appearance through our meticulous process:

Thorough Restoration: After a comprehensive full-day exterior decontamination and paint inspection, indulge in multi-stage machine polishing. Witness the revival of your car’s original high-gloss, scratch-free finish.

Tailored Protection: Opt for premium care with a polymer sealant (providing up to 12 months of protection), indulge in the luxury of a ceramic coating, or fortify your investment with the impeccable protection of Paint Protection Film.

Versatile Appeal: Our service caters to a diverse range of vehicles, from well-maintained daily drivers to treasured classics.

Elevate Your Car's Elegance with Paint Correction

Discover the magic of paint correction:

Revive Your Finish: Bid farewell to paint defects as we remove up to 100% of imperfections. What remains? A flawlessly smooth, piano-like finish, free from any “orange peel” texture.

Unleash Brilliance: Armed with top-tier products and techniques, we can transform paint in any condition into a work of art. Your paint’s thickness stays intact, ensuring longevity.

Lasting Luxury: Our paint correction service often concludes with a ceramic coating. This not only enhances the sleekness but also grants impressive hydrophobic properties.

Perfect for: Classic, vintage, or exotic car owners seeking perfection. Those prepping high-value cars for sale, leaving a lasting impression. Cars in dire need of a first-time treatment with neglected paintwork. Enthusiasts gearing up for shows or concourse events.


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Car Exterior Detailing